Basic Features of Rollaway Beds

Rollaway beds offer comfortable, flexible sleeping solutions with a convenient, easy to store design. Unlike traditional beds, these beds feature folding frames that allow you to reduce the size of the bed for storage. Most designs fold with the mattress in place for additional convenience and safe storage of the mattress as well. These beds are commonly used at hotels, resorts, hospitals and other hospitality locations that offer rollaway beds for rent.

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Common Features of Rollaway Beds

Rigid, Sturdy Frame: Most folding rollaway beds utilize a steel frame for support. For easier mobility and cost savings, aluminum frames are available as well. Both frame types offer a firm yet supportive frame for the mattress to provide comfortable sleep for both children and adults. The most common frame size is approximately 38-inches wide and 72-inches long. Additional sizes are available from many manufacturers as well.

  • Coil Spring Support: Instead of using a traditional box spring, this type of beds use a coil spring grid support. This allows for plenty of support while allowing these beds to fold up for compact storage. Most beds feature eight to 10 springs per side for optimal support. Adjusting the type and amount of coils can provide different levels of firmness for the bed for optimal comfort.
  • MattressMattresses for these beds are often simply compact versions of a traditional mattress. The average innerspring mattress is approximately five-inches thick to provide support while still allowing for easy storage and movement.
  • Wheels: Wheels allow for easy movement and positioning of the beds. Larger wheels add weight to the bed but can provide easier movement over uneven surfaces. For optimal performance, check for a solid axle design on your beds.

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Common Maintenance Steps

  • Securing beds for transport: Most beds and Murphy beds that rollaway feature a clasp or strap system to hold the frame shut during transportation. This makes it easier to lift or maneuver the bed without injury or damage to the bed. Always check these systems before transport or storage for optimal safety.
  • Checking wheels and axles: While the wheels and axles offer convenience, they are also a part of the support system for the bed. These items should be periodically checked for damage and debris. Often, a soft bristle brush is enough to clean any debris. Damage repairs should be performed by a professional for reliable results.
  • Inspecting coil springs: A faulty spring can increase the risk of support failureimpact sleep comfort and damage the frame of the bed. Prior to setting up and storing rollaway beds, visually inspecting each coil spring is essential. Faulty coils should be replaced immediately. Replacement coils can be found at many hardware stores, online or direct through the manufacturer.

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Whether you are looking for hotel rollaway beds and folding beds for your business or simply desire an easy to store sleeping solution for use during visit from friends and family, these beds offer affordable prices and easy maintenance. In most cases, basic maintenance will allow a rollaway bed to properly function through years of regular use.